Setting paintings to music

“Converting” pictures into music, is that possible?
Why should painting be faced with music?

There is no necessity to do that. Anyway, for us it is reason enough to be curious about “listening” to paintings. Paintings stand alone and do not need any help. But paintings also sound and have their own music, as music itself has its own structures and colours – quite literally and real. We want to enable paintings to sound. Therefore we work on a musical language in order to set structures in paintings and sculptures musical flow, to transform the visible into the audible.

Works of art are “finished” when they are presented. Therefore they are static relying on their temporal dimension. A piece of music however is dynamic and fades after its completion. This difference establishes a certain charm when music and painting meet. It contains chances and risks. Our music after paintings follows an inner concept, which is the musicians view of a painting. It is not a fixed composition, but does have an inner logic – the painting´s subjective logic. In order to perceive this subjective structure it needs a person with some strong imagination. It lives in a moment which does not exist.