CD „sonorfeo“

This compact disc shows an entire musical world and gives an interesting view into the musical cosmos of three musicians, who until now had to be seen on stage so that their music could be listened to. Therefore a superb CD was made with pure music and pieces which seem to be both, totally new and having existed for ages.

A soothing quality of the trio is the ability of creating something new without destroying the old. The musicians of sonorfeo combine their traditional education with contemporary ideas in order to find a powerful and creative output. 
Their unconventional playing mixes perfectly with their traditional technique and develops music, which is free of any modernistic fancy. This music is created spontaneously and has a high density, floating delicacy or even craziness. 

sonorfeo never offers complaisance, but silence, eruptive sound explosions, concentrated development with playful mastery.

recorded: April 2004, Immanuelskirche, Wuppertal
Tonmeister: Peter Dombrowski, sonoarte Ltd.


“music along paintings”

The production of this Compact Disc was encouraged by 
H. P. Nacke, director of the gallery Epikur in Wuppertal and was supported by the city's arts division. It is just a reference and documentation of the collaboration between sonorfeo and the gallery from 1997 until 2000. Unfortunately the recordings were made with a simple microphone by the musicians themselves (the intention to make a CD of it was born much later). Anyway, we took this material to make an interesting demo-CD because it also features former members of the ensemble such like Nora Niggeling (viola), Angelika Grünkorn (double bass) and Martin Schoen (violoncello). The paintings are to be found in the booklet and printed in fair quality so that the musical ideas can be followed easily. 

This Compact Disc is a demo-CD only and not for sale. Promoters or those really interested please contact us.